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Dr. Rajan Pandey

Dr. Rajan Pandey is a Medicine Graduate and Radio-Diagnosis(Schol).A Staunch nationalist,an Avid Wanderlust Blogger and a Social Reformist,Writes Columns on Health and Fitness,Environment,Technology,Politics and Business and Economy,Lifestyle etc.For Both Hindi and English Newspapers and Various Websites.

The Book of Life is that missing jigsaw piece that will help you solve the puzzle of life. It does not promise to make you a millionaire or a billionaire; rather it is a manual of self-development. It is an approach to a positive way of life; it is your best friend and guide. It discloses secrets about Karma and its circle, silver lines, mistakes that help learn, anger management, communication, dreams, and aspirations. It coaches you and helps build a positive attitude. It motivates you and boosts your self-esteem. Also, it brushes your interpersonal skills and translates positive thinking into SUCCESS, all this in a simple yet practical and effective way. Download the app and start reading samples from The Book of Life. You can also buy the full book and connect with the author for further discussions.

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